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Redbank  Golf Course

Patron Pass

Authorized Joint Base Charleston personnel are more than welcome to bring their guests to play at Redbank Golf Course. Guests are permitted access through the Weapons Station main gate on Red Bank Road (with REAL ID) when sponsored by authorized personnel. Friends who would like access to the golf course without having to be accompanied by an authorized sponsor may apply for a Golf Patron Pass for a $10 fee.


After applicants successfully pass the background check, their clearance will be valid for a 6-month period. During this period, individuals must stop in the Visitor Control Center off of Red Bank road each time they want to play to receive and visitor's day pass. This is relatively a quick process. If playing on the weekends, you may obtain the weekend day pass on Friday.


To apply, pick up an application at the Redbank Golf Course or download this applicationYou may return the application with your wet-ink signature, and front/back copy of your South Carolina REAL ID driver's license inside the Redbank Golf Course clubhouse. If you do not have access to submit the application, you may mail it to us along with your $10 payment to: 102 N. Davis Dr. Suite 322, Joint Base Charleston, SC 29404.

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